Over the course of the past few years, I have been exploring the medium of watercolour painting as a meditative part of my studio practice, imbibing in the magic of the medium to keep me connected to my studio as well as nature.  Most of the paintings I produced are landscapes, florals, some abstracts and under the sea motifs from my Sea of Cortez excursions. To date, I have painted approximately 300 watercolour paintings and counting.

In this new series of work, I am cutting up and repurposing the watercolours, using traditional quilt pattern blocks and other collage techniques as the basis to build a new wall piece. My initial inspiration to repurpose these watercolour paintings stemmed from a similar impulse that I’ve had with earlier paper shred work, which was to make use of what was available.

Entropia is a blended word that I am using to describe that intangible space between order and disorder and to include the notion of repurposing the idealized paintings. The work is ongoing, as is my studio practice of watercolour painting.