I work in the watercolour medium unconventionally, pushing the colour to a deep level of density and continue to be amazed at the magic of how the colour explodes forging veiny pathways and sinking deeply into the paper in some areas, while leaving other areas completely bare. Since first touching the brush to paper a few years ago, I wanted to see how many unique land/sky variations I could make using the principles of serendipity, trusting the materials to create the flowing colour blends with minimal manipulation from me. In many ways, these were made in using and automatique technique incorporating the joy of play. Along the way I drew inspiration from other subjects in tandem with my life path.

I would say that these paintings are a metaphor for my personal journey as a human being, touching upon life’s extraordinary peaks and darkest of valleys that are common to our human experience.  With this series, I strive to view the world from the respectful standpoint of its omnipotent beauty in constant search of a gleam of hope, ray of sunshine, or news of blue skies.