I was first inspired to paint in the early 1980s, representing landscape and wildlife on canvas while exploring the medium of acrylic paint.  This lead to my later enrollment to the Alberta College of Art and Design in 1990 where I developed a kinship with mixed media and developed a penchant for conceptual ideas in art making.

During the 1990s and early 2000s, I made many works using shredded paper as my medium, exploring ideas of layering materials such as shredded newsprint, returned banking cheques, personal files, $2 bills obtained from the Bank of Canada, etc.  With this, I developed many “chunk” works where I could tie the materials into concepts that involved the “self in modern society”, as represented by the particular shred product. The materials were layered multiple times and trimmed displaying the levels of paper density.  This work was exhibited across Canada and is mostly now housed in private a public collections.

Over the next few years, I became deeply involved in the local art community, lending my creative energy to a few different collectives and curatorial projects that expanded my art making practice.  It was here that I began to rediscover my love of drawing, painting, photography and fibre arts, incorporating these practices into installation style work, collaborating with colleagues to explore theme based concepts.  It was because of these collaborative experiences, that lead me to my current practice of working in watercolours, playing with technique and the serendipitous nature of the medium.

Selected Exhibitions

Photo Exhibition:  Close to Home, TRUCK Contemporary Art U-Hall space, Calgary

Wildlife, UCFK, Exposure Festival, TRUCK Contemporary Art U-Hall space, Calgary

David, La Fenetre Gallery, Calgary
Made in Calgary:  The 1990s, Glenbow Museum, Calgary
Under the Bridge, UCFK, Exposure Festival, Calgary

Yo Nature, UCFK, Hotwax, Calgary
&ampersand,  UAS Satellite Gallery, Calgary

Summer Survey II, Jarvis Hall Fine Art, Calgary
VENERATOR: Contemporary Art from the AGA Collection, Art Gallery of Alberta, Edmonton

Peeps Show, UCFK, Sugar Cube Gallery, Calgary
Dangertown, UCFK, EPCOR +15 Window, EPCOR Centre Calgary
On the 4th Floor, Untitled Art Society, Calgary
Calgary Collects, Art Gallery of Calgary *catalogue
Clothes Lines, The Sugar Cube Gallery, Calgary

The God Show II, The Sugar Shack Art Salon, Calgary

Maximum Capacity, The Portrait Estate, Calgary
Out There: 30 Years of Abstraction in Western Canada, Keystone Gallery, Group Show; Calgary

A Few of My Favorite Things, Lethbridge Art Gallery, Sugar Estate Show; Lethbridge

Spread, Artcity 2003 11th Annual Festival, Group Exhibition; Calgary
Newton’s Prism: Layer Painting, Gallery 1-1-1, Group Exhibition; Winnipeg, Manitoba
Submerge, Medicine Hat Art Gallery, Group Exhibition with Eric Cameron and Jan Allen; Medicine Hat, Alberta

Pepermunt Show, The Sugar-Estate Gallery, Group Exhibition; Calgary

Case Studies, Harbourfront, Group Exhibition; Toronto

The Developing World, Leo Kamen Gallery; Toronto
Alberta Biennial of Contemporary Art 2000, Edmonton Art Gallery, Illingworth Kerr Gallery; Calgary *catalogue

Perpetual Compositions In Nature and Language, Leo Kamen Gallery; Toronto
Faking History, Mercer Union; Toronto *catalogue
Seeing Money, Group Exhibition; Portland, Oregon
Galerie Vltavin, Exhibition with Miloslav Dlouhy; Prague, Czech Republic

CIRCA/Stride, Montreal/Calgary Exchange Show, Group Exhibition; Montreal *catalogue
New Works, Trepanier Baer Gallery, Two-Person Exhibition; Calgary

New Modern, Art & Design in the Post Industrial City, Trepanier Baer Gallery, Group Exhibition; Calgary
New Artists/New Works, Sable-Castelli Gallery, Group Exhibition; Toronto
3 small rooms and a TV, Muttart Art Gallery, Group Exhibition; Calgary
Disrepresentation, Edmonton Art Gallery, Touring Group Exhibition; Edmonton
still life(s) with adjectives, Southern Alberta Art Gallery, Solo Exhibition; Lethbridge *catalogue

Show and Tell, Trepanier Baer Gallery, Group Exhibition; Calgary
Group Exhibition, Seoul Gallery, Calgary
Art Walk Exhibition, Group Exhibition, Untitled Art Society Studios; Calgary

Art Walk Exhibition, Group Exhibition, Untitled Art Society Studios; Calgary

Graduation Exhibition, Illingworth Kerr Gallery, Alberta College of Art; Calgary

BFA, The Alberta College of Art & Design, Painting Program 1990-1994

A Few of My Favourite Things – Lethbridge 2004
Alberta Biennial of Contemporary Art 2000
Faking History, Mercer Union
still life(s) with adjectives, Southern Alberta Art Gallery, 1997
1998 Montreal/Calgary Exchange Exhibition, CIRCA/Stride Gallery

The Globe and Mail, July 3, 2000
The Globe and Mail, December 4, 1999
Toronto Life, December 1999
Canadian Art, Fall 1997, Volume 14 Number 3, p. 91
The Financial Post, September 13, 1997, p. 22
SEE Magazine, April 17 – 23, 1997
The Edmonton Journal, April 18, 1997, p. C6
The Calgary Herald , December 14, 1996

Curatorial Projects & Community Involvement
1993-1996  Founding Member & Treasurer, Untitled Art Society
1999-2000  The Estate Museum Project
2001  Sugar Estate Art Salon
2006  Portrait Estate Gallery (AKA The National Portrait Gallery)
2009-2010  Sugar Shack Art Salon
2011 – 2012 Sugar Cube Art Gallery
2011 – 2016 Board Member, The New Gallery

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